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My Priorities

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To regain coastal Georgia’s lost innovation advantage, we have to begin to support basic data-driven research to solve our pressing problems and strengthen business incentives, local development and new technological innovation:

  • Create local start up hubs to cultivate new ideas and industry for our community

  • Collaborate with community and regional stakeholders to craft a regional infrastructure plan that addresses every communities’ concerns

  • Deepen collaboration in the district for regional economic development projects

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By improving education from preschool through advanced degrees, strengthening job skills training and increasing apprenticeships, we can begin to invest in the people of our district:

  • Secure funding to make universal Pre-K a reality for all children

  • Strengthen HOPE funding by ensuring additional dollars are allocated to needs-based aid

  • Create stronger ties between our schools, technical colleges, and universities to focus on real career pathways for our citizens

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INVEST IN Healthcare

Our healthcare system has been weakened by misguided decisions on of state level. We will provide world class healthcare for all while also supporting and strengthening our regional and rural hospitals by: 

  • Stabilize rural hospital funding

  • Expand the role of our capable nurse practitioners

  • Expand Medicaid